Atelier Clockwork

Final Phase: Handoff

Alternate Final Phase: Shutting Down

Long story short, I have a very exciting new job starting three weeks from Monday. Expect a very excited note about that right before it starts, but for now, I’ll talk about the very interesting process of preparing a non-trivial project that I’ve been the sole developer on for a year to be handed off to the team that will be continuing to use it as a foundation for future development.

I’ve spent a full week on it already, with a mix of getting the last big chunk working properly, which involves making the API I wrote return the same values as a set of test data from the existing system. I had hundreds of failures starting on Monday, I plan to be done by close-of-business Friday, and am close to on Track with fifty as of Thursday afternoon.

This also included: getting the person inheriting the Java package up and running with source control and all of the IDE tools for that, and making sure that the person taking on the Objective-C side of development could pull down everything from the Source Control and build properly. I also learned a lot of the little details of things that I’ve done right or wrong as I prep for handoff.

The Good:

The Bad: