Atelier Clockwork


In General

I’m interested in solving problems, which leads to a lot of my interests. It’s why I’m a software developer, why I play board and video games, and why I dive into most of the projects that I work on.

I try to be pragmatic in my choice of tools and methods, and to keep pushing myself to do each thing better than the last.

As a Developer

I’m an iOS developer with a focus on clean code and finding the “right” solution to a job. I also dabble in a lot of other tools that aren’t directly related to iOS development like Ruby because I enjoy learning new toolsets and because sometimes little tools outside of the app can save a lot of time.

Where I Work

I’m currently an iOS Developer at GoMore. Before that I was a member of the Raizlabs team.

Outside of Work

The current largest non-work project is raising my son and daughter, my wife is doing a lot of the heavy lifting there, but there’s plenty of work to go around on that one.

I also have some side projects, find the time to play games, listen to far too many podcasts, read, and keep up with this blog.