Atelier Clockwork

Doing things the Right Way

Even When It's Possibly Overkill

Clockwork Comic PDF is drawing close to a state where I feel like it's going to be worth pushing the code to Github for the world to see.

It's taking a lot longer than I would have guessed at the outset, though part of that has been me going from "I sort of know how to code in Ruby" to trying to create a complete project that I hope others will find useful too.

The other part is that because I don't have a major deadline, I've been forcing myself to do everything right to the best of my ability. I've been stopping to correct/refactor/rewrite validation errors from Rubocop to better learn the style standards in Ruby, and I've been writing validation checks for everything possible with reasonably verbose failure messages to hopefully help quickly find issues with input YAML when making books.

Following Rubocop isn't adding any user-facing features, but it is hopefully making me code cleaner and making me think in a mode Ruby-like fashion. The extensive input validation on the other hand will be useful and I'm thinking my next project may be looking into building a LINTing engine for the YAML files to help validate them before even trying to make the PDF.