Atelier Clockwork

Clockwork Comic PDF is Live

Github Page

Version 0.0.1

I've completed the first public version of Clockwork Comic PDF, uploaded it to GitHub, and started the process of writing real documentation so that other people can actually use it.

New Features:

YAML input allows you to specify settings and content so that you can create a PDF from one line of Ruby code.

Supports creating multiple versions of the same book with different image sets and different DPI settings.

Include arbitrary text data with formatting.

Supports numbering pages.

Supports page headers, including different content on the left and right header.

Support for generating a table of contents based on the contents of the body section.

Pretty much everything else.

Up Next

Add options to control printing the table of contents.

Add the ability to support multiple comics per page, and an auto-flowing layout that determines if multiple comics can fit on a page or not.

Expanded documentation.

Sample YML files for common layouts.