Atelier Clockwork

Making Small Enough Bits to Re-Use

I assure you, dear nonexistent readers, that I'm still in this for the long haul, things just got busy to an order of magnitude larger than expected. For those of you keeping score, having just barely finished staring a new job and moving, I have balls in the air for 2 more major life events, so things on my end are just a bit busy.

That being said, I've been planning and working on other projects that feed into CCPDF. I've read a bit over half of The Pickaxe and have been hammering on a ruby project at work which has me thinking about planning the back-end structure for CCPDF.

My next step is going to be pulling out the probably too clever for my own good class that I made for storing required variables, default values, and allowed attributes all in YML into a separate gem. It's an appropriately generic module that I'll probably re-use in other places later, and it only contains 2 lines or so of project specific code, one of which is a reference to the directory to load the YML from.

After that, the big thing I've been contemplating how to deal with is rewriting the print logic, I consider it a bit of an ugly hack right now and I'm hoping I can make it a bit more elegant.