Atelier Clockwork

Version 2.0β

Because I'm Not Good at Resisting New Shiny Things

So despite the fact that the content of this blog is pretty much entirely text, I decided to play with the Squarespace 7 engine and templates. This means even though the site is in a near final design, It's in beta because I'm using beta features on Squarespace itself.

I can't say that I'm taking advantages of any of the new technologies in the templates, which look impressive, I'm impressed by the improvements to the core Content Management System. The feature set is close to parity right now, but interface is smoother. They've made it feel even more like a desktop quality app, and spent time improving the workflow and design.

For those who care, the new design is based off of the Shift template. I borrowed the palette of colors from Solarized. One of my first steps in pretty much any text editor that I use is to find a color scheme based on Solarized.

I write the posts in Markdown, with Atom and Marked 2. I keep all of my posts in a Git repository hosted on BitBucket.The whole setup is a bit convoluted, but it's all tools that I'm familiar with, and each one does it's job incredibly well.