Atelier Clockwork

Swift Side Project: iTunes Search Interface

Because I Couldn't Think of a Novel Problem to Solve

As a pragmatic choice, Java is great. In terms of pragmatism Brutalist architecture is also great. I don't want to spend my entire life inside either of them. To stretch my coding legs a bit, I've started spending a chunk of my free time on a personal project in Swift. Partially to get a real feel for Swift, partially as a palate cleanser.

Because I want to play around with cacheing in NSURLSession and because I've been doing a lot of playing around with the best ways to interact with web APIs in general, I decided to write a framework for pulling data from the iTunes Search API. It's a relatively limited scope, and it lets me solve a minor problem for myself in regards to downloading album artwork.

Because I'm a bit obsessive, I'm not just building a limited wrapper around the API, I'm currently writing enumerators and wrappers to map every input to exactly it's allowed values. It's giving me a chance to play around with enumerators in Swift, which are awesome taking some getting used to.