Atelier Clockwork

Peer Acceleration

Faster Developement, Personal and Project

In the past year and a third, I've done a lot of growing as a software developer. A large part of that was transitioning to a job where I got to work on the same project every day. Now I've also switched to a new job where I'm not the only iOS developer. So now I have peers that I'm working on code with, and they're all great developers.

This means there are other eyes on my code all the time, which means I have to be capable of explaining the why and how of the code, especially if I'm applying a different design pattern.

Between the fact that this is an established project with a lot of existing code when I started on it and the fact that I touch code reviews here and there, I'm also learning a lot about different patterns and tools that I tended to avoid. Among other things, this means I finally have to learn to work nicely with KVO, though the RZDataBindings package makes that signficantly easier to get a handle on.

Working with autolayout in code is another pattern that I'm starting to get a real handle on. I lament the complete absence of syntactic sugar available without bringing in dependancies, but I have an idea that I'm trying to build a proof of concept around.