Atelier Clockwork

Gong Worthy Game

In Which Public Declarations of Accountability Hopefully Give Results

Raizlabs has a concept of Gong Worthy Goals. They're big goals, somewhere in between a challenge and a moon-shot. I've been hesitating to choose mine since I've started. Part of it that I'm a bit risk averse, and part of it is that I just haven't had a goal that's both work related and big enough to be worth declaring. My mentor finally gave me a deadline, and having to choose something finally rattled a decent idea loose.

By the end of this year, I'm going to write design and write a puzzle game in Swift. It's going to be good enough that I'm willing to release it into the App Store.

I have an idea that I've been toying with for years, but I've never set aside the time to make it work. This forces me to focus on the project, which means it should get the time that it needs to make it out of the pipe dream phase.

I've written a game one other time, which in retrospect I'm absolutely amazed worked as it was written in 6 weeks when I was just barely starting to learn to program. That means I know I can make something, probably very quickly. The hard part is going to be making it good enough I'm willing to release it, and meeting some of the criteria that I set for myself.

Expect a more definitive checklist, and possibly even a breakdown of tasks next week as I really kick this off.