Atelier Clockwork

Game: Plan

Subject to Revision, Lots of Revision

The Core Conceit

You're on a island covered in dry brush, one end of the island is on fire, there's a strong wind blowing the fire towards you. The edges of the island are sheer cliffs with jagged rocks at the bottom, so jumping to safety is not an options. Your only tool is a torch. How do you survive?

The solution is to light a fire on the end of he island that isn't already burning, as it will travel away from the other fire and create a charred zone which won't burn.

The Mechanics

At it's core, the game is a puzzle game that combines cellular automata style rules with a player avatar that can affect adjacent cells. To make it the simulation more interesting, and to add challenge for the player, the game board is going to be hex based. Fire will spread, grass will grow, wind direction will shift, and as the turn count rises, the difficulty of predicting how to stay safe will become more difficult.

Current Progress

So far I have data storage for a hex grid with subscript access. Next up building methods for polling surrounding cells.After that, entity creation, then getting the data on a screen.