Atelier Clockwork

Gong Worthy Game: Update 2

Structure, Tests, and an Unexpected Assist

Surrounding cell logic is now tested for all four grid types, hitting the literal corner and edge cases as well as a grid body cell. I want to sit down and draw the grid statuses and document them to make sure future me can remember what the grid structure looks like. A big part of getting the tests done and clean was an initial push from Matt last Friday for helping refactor the testing code, with improvements to make follow more functional programming design patterns, and just to take less code to write the tests.

I also put together the (currently very empty) View, Controller, and Application targets, and did all of the appropriate linking and behind the scenes work.

I've now started prototyping the basic drawing engine, getting touchable tiles on the screen is the next real milestone that I'd like to hit. This means taking a pass at learning SpriteKit, which looks promising.