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Going Beyond the Command Line on the Mac

My when last we left my iTunes search side project, it was a functional, but limited command line application.

It's served me well so far, but having to set the right flags for each search type, escape the search name, enter the file name, and so forth each time I want to look something up is a bit cumbersome.

If I wanted to I could write a decent interactive mode for the app that prompts for each value at the right time, but that's significantly added complexity on the code side of things, and text based interpreters aren't really my area of expertise.

So I decided to take on writing a graphical Mac app. More, though nowhere near all, of my expertise will help there and it's a very interesting exercise to compare and contrast AppKit and UIKit.

So far I have the simplest version of the form enabled, and hope to move on to getting the network stack up and running next.