Atelier Clockwork

The Path of Most Resistance

Sometimes There Just Isn't a Good Shortcut

Because of a mix of API limitations in the forms library that we're using, how UITableView works, and several other factors, I determined early this morning that getting exactly the design that I'd been handed into the app would be hard to get looking right, and the easy options that I could think of were either hacks or cheats.

I talked to the designer, and she agreed most of the bad options were bad. A few were potentially worth investigating, but had solid arguments for every part of what made the original design hard to implement.

So in the end, I took a swing at doing it the hard way. When I started in I ran into some issues like Xcode not wanting to build after a pod update for reasons involving the derived data folder and then strange animation glitches due to libraries not getting along. After I cleared those, getting the screen looking and working right ended up being easier than I'd feared, the forms library was only slightly difficult about the fact that I mangled the view hierarchy that it expected.

I ended up eating more time than I'd have liked, I hope to have the feature in review first thing tomorrow whereas I wanted to have it done today, but I I have to admit that it does look great in motion as designed.