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On Being

Following up Almost Two Years Later

Very early on in the life in this blog, I wrote about feeling like I was always "becoming" something rather than just "being" something. Given that I was still settling into a new job and had my first child on the way, I had a lot of solid reasons to feel that way. I'm not much of one for sitting still, so I'm still striving for new things, so I'm nowhere near done "becoming," but this is a good place to check in, because I've made a lot of progress.

Becoming a Developer:

In the last two years, I've done a lot of growing as a developer. I now work on a team with some of the best developers and designers out there. I'm working hard on a presentation for a conference. I'm still honing my craft every day, but I'm very happy with how much progress I've made in the last two years.

Becoming an Adult:

The 80 item multi-year punch list for the house is shrinking. Most of the biggest problems are off the list, and the house is overall in pretty good shape. Aside from offering input and taking on some of the smaller fiddly tasks, most of the credit for that goes to my wife, but I consider it a large improvement that rather than a nagging sense of responsibility for things in my life, there's a calendar and to-do lists.

Becoming a Father:

That was the biggest question mark on the list. Seeing my son develop a personality has been absolutely fascinating. I can't fully judge how well I'm doing as a father now, but having a very happy, healthy son is the best that I can hope for right now so I feel at least slightly accomplished that my wife and I are doing a good job.

What's Next?

Right now? More of the same. I have small milestones that lined up personally and professionally that I want to hit, but none of those require drastic changes. The biggest problem to work on the punch list is getting better at clearing my mind, but I haven't hit on a great path to pursue there.