Atelier Clockwork

Seeking Balance

Because Sometimes Intensity Isn't What You Need

I've had issues with insomnia for most of my life. Not my adult like, my entire life.The largest contributor to that has been anxiety, often tied to just having too many thoughts swirling in my head for me to be able to shut everything down.

I've made a lot of progress in sleeping better by getting ideas out of my head and into a system, I can trust to remind me later, but while things got better, I still go to bed later than I'd like most nights, and have a hard time falling asleep.

One of my recent forays into improving my ability to relax of late has been trying out guided meditation with Headspace. At about two weeks in, it's been an interesting experience so far. Taking 10 minutes to clear my head near the end of my evening has been useful, and on a good night it tends to help cut down my cool down time and get to bed earlier.