Atelier Clockwork

Opening Source

Taking the Time to Run Down the Checklist

Due to clever planning, I managed to throw together two open source libraries as part of my last project. Now that I'm in process of rolling off the project, I'm in the process of moving those open source repos into a state that I consider good enough to release. Working down the checklist, I have to:

  1. Fix the placeholder names
  2. Write a real readme
  3. Write a sample project
  4. Get the test coverage to a non-embarrassing level
  5. Verify Carthage builds the project properly
  6. Make the repo public
  7. Tag release
  8. Release as a Cocoapod
  9. Promote the release
  10. Support the code

The more complex of the two is taking me days to get ready for release, but I found several minor issues with the code while writing tests. It's interesting to pay attention to how much of a difference there is between the effort it takes to get code working and the effort it takes to make code suitable for public consumption.