Atelier Clockwork

Shipping Everything

A Week of Putting Things out in the World

In the past week, I've managed to give a beta version of a talk at Cocoaheads Boston, and shipped two open source libraries.

Getting in front of a mid-sized crowd to do a beta version of my presentation was a great way to force myself to have nearly-done slides two weeks before the final version of the presentation is due, to get a good idea for timing, get a feel for how to structure my slide notes. It also reminded me that due to reduced dynamic range on projectors, light objects tend to vanish so I need to rethink fading out sections of my example code the draw attention to talking points.

On the open source front, BentoMap and RIGImageGallery now out in the world and ready for other developers to start kicking the tires and submitting issues.

BentoMap is a utility for storing large amounts of annotation data, and then fetching the data that relates to a specific section of the map, and handling threshold based clustering.

RIGImageGallery is one of the first libraries in what will hopefully become a larger set of components that follow the Raizlabs Interface Guidelines and offer customizable base implementations of common controls to help avoid duplicating effort between projects.