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High Efficiency vs. High Drain.

I'm spectacularly bad at relaxing. My normal cool down time between getting home and being relaxed enough to sleep clocks in at around 3 hours at a minimum unless true exhaustion is involved. This involves a structured cool down, following some basic sleep hygiene, and guided meditation.

And while I'm spectacularly bad at it, I'm less spectacularly bad at it than I used to be. Getting into the habit of having a system that I trust to capture things that I need to get done, therefore getting them out of my head, has been absolutely invaluable.

The interesting twist is that one of the largest obstacles to me getting to sleep is a great asset most of the rest of the time. Having the ability to hold a lot of information in my head at once and quickly iterate through it is great when I'm trying to solve a problem, but it isn't really great when I have a list of things that need doing grinding away at the back of my mind and I can't help running through that list again and again.