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A Preview of D_th_r

A Broad, but Not Deep Implementation of Dithering

So after about a week of fiddling, I now have a mostly complete set of dithering functions. I still would like to add a few features, in particular bleed reduction and different patterns for traversing the image data and applying the dither.

The things that are missing are optimization, and having the code connected to a real app. Right now I think the code needs some serious optimization, but that may change when the code isn't running in a playground.

After seeing how much optimization is needed, I'll be picking apart some of the Swift implementation of dithering, but for now feel free to check out the state of the library on github, I have some examples of output from the playground ready to show off:

The Starting Image The Starting Image

Floyd-Stienberg Dithered Floyd-Stienberg Dithered

Atkinson Dithered Atkinson Dithered

Sierra (3row) Dithered Sierra (3row) Dithered