Atelier Clockwork


Good Code Comes from Good Habits.

When looking at what things that I've learned over the last few years that have made me a better developer, I find it a bit of a surprise that the top of the list is just developing the discipline to make sure that alongside doing the fun thing, the building, I also put in the effort to do the less fun things that make the end product better.

That means (in no particular order):

  • Using an opinionated Linter
  • Following git flow everywhere, even on personal projects
  • Meaningful commit messages
  • Comments on complex code
  • Writing documentation
  • Having a test plan
  • Following the test plan
  • Taking a refactoring pass once a new feature is finished
  • Continuous Integration
  • Reading documentation
  • Following the rule of 3 as a guideline for refactoring repetitive code
  • Keeping pull requests on task to a single task
  • Talking with other developers about an API early in the design process
  • Choose the right approach, be pragmatic about design patterns

None of these ideas are novel, but I find it useful to remember that being a good craftsman about my code helps me get things done. Learning new languages / features / tools is important too, but without discipline none of those are going to make my output better.