Atelier Clockwork

WWDC23 Days One & Two


It's nice to see the Mac Studio getting a yearly upgrade, and the new 15" MacBook air looks like a really nice computer for the vast majority of users. On the other side, the Mac Pro is now targeted at an even smaller audience than ever. Lots of user facing features that I'm looking forward to on all of the OSs. The most interesting part of the keynote was Apple Vision Pro. I don't know what the killer app, if anything, will be for the platform, but the hardware sounds impressive and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to try it out eventually.

Platforms State of the Union

This was probably the most exciting Platforms State of the Union for me since the introduction of Swift in 2014. Tons of exciting new features, I've been hoping for a Swift first replacement for Core Data since Swift became my "daily driver" language. Plus things like sherlocking SwiftGen for asset catalogs, Swift Macros, keyframes in SwiftUI, interactive Widgets. Plus the VisionOS stuff. 🤯

Minor Detour

The session videos didn't come out until this afternoon, so I spent a bit of time playing with a fun project to kick the tires on the new tools. As I learn things in the session videos, I'll be making more improvements and iterating on it.

Meet SwiftData

First impressions of SwiftData are that it's amazing. Before the session videos dropped I already got a very basic app using SwiftData off the ground. This session only covered surface details, but I'm now even more excited for the sessions with more details when they come out.

Current Progress estimate:

3 of 177 videos, 1.69%.