Atelier Clockwork

WWDC23 Week 5

Week 5 Progress

Progress report: 147 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 83.0%. I averaged of 3 videos a day, so a significant slowdown but not surprising it's getting outside of the areas of interest for me. In particular things like enterprise device management are going in the "not useful now, but may be useful later" column.

Support Cinematic mode videos in your app

This session explains how to integrate viewing and editing content created with the cinematic camera on iOS in an app. It also describes the format of data that Cinematic mode produces, which is the video stream, a depth stream, channels that describe points of interest in the scene, and then a control track.

Add SharePlay to your app

Share files with SharePlay

These sessions cover the new SharePlay functionality, in particular the ability to start of SharePlay sessions via share sheets and other contexts, and the ability to send files via SharePlay.

What’s new in ScreenCaptureKit

ScreenCaptureKit continues to add features. This release adds a system picker for screen sharing and allows for users to share content from a window to another app via the title bar. It also adds a tool for taking screenshots with most of the same affordances of the video capture tooling.

Tune up your AirPlay audio experience

Explore AirPlay with interstitials

These sessions go over fine details of AirPlay integration, both how to make sure you properly use the buffer to allow instant reaction t control events in audio apps, and how to support interstitial events both for live and VOD content.

Enhance your app’s audio experience with AirPods

What’s new in voice processing

These sessions talk about how to integrates with the new features coming to AirPods to enable features like muted talker detection, and tap to mute on the devices.

Create a great spatial playback experience

Deliver video content for spatial experiences

These sessions go over how to set up video playback in visionOS, and also detailed information about how to encode 3d video in a format that visionOS can use well.

Discover Continuity Camera for tvOS

This session goes over how to integrate with Continuity Camera on tvOS. Most of it is similar to iOS, but then with the need to manage devices being added or removed as the cameras are connected wirelessly and can change at any time.

Deploy passkeys at work

What’s new in managing Apple devices

Explore advances in declarative device management

Do more with Managed Apple IDs

Meet device management for Apple Watch

As I don’t dealt with managed devices, these session largely don’t apply to me, but it’s always interesting to see what Apple is working on. The interesting bits are that there’s now a way to set up passkeys in enterprise environments and restrict them to managed devices, and that declarative device management is being pushed as the main way to manage devices.

Build a multi-device workout app

This session covers how to set up a multi-device workout. This involves a new API that lets you mirror the session between devices and handle sending data in both directions.

Your guide to Metal ray tracing

This session goes over how to set up acceleration structures for metal ray tracing, and shows off the new curves type. It’s nice to see consistent progress on this.

Explore the USD ecosystem

This session talks about working with USD files, and talks about the integration with MaterialX, which is coming to visionOS first but will probably roll out to more platforms over time.

Explore materials in Reality Composer Pro

This session walks through building materials in the material graph in Reality Composer Pro, starting out with some very basic color manipulation and ending with swapping between two material and geometry sets.

Build great games for spatial computing

This session goes over the basics of how to build games for spatial computing, focused on explaining the available input types and also the different rendering modes that you can use and the performance implications of those modes.

Modeling Progress

Evangelion unit 0 is now completely assembled, and I'm waiting until I'm in the right mood to spend a couple hours doing lots of very fussy details.

Assembled, Side

I also managed to get this kit assembled and painted, and the weathering about 2/3 of the way done.

Assembled, FrontAssembled, Side

And I started on another kit, and am playing with enamels for the metallics. Which look quite nice, and they're more durable, but require a lot more fuss in terms of handling:

Assembled, Side