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WWDC24 Week 2

Another week, another bit of progress going through WWDC content, I'm managing to keep up my 3 sessions a day momentum. I also managed to get my re-designed version of the site in good enough shape that I'm happy with how it looks.



Warm Boot

Fresh design, fresh tools

As an attempt to learn more about the development landscape outside of the iOS ecosystem, I went through a course on using Nuxt, and so I used the things I learned from that to re-work my blog again as part of my prep for this year's WWDC as I plan on trying to watch all of the sessions and post a brief summary of each one here.



WWDC24 Week 1

Kicking Off

Once again, I’m on a mission to watch 100% of the WWDC session videos. I have some tools to help with that that are almost done, so hopefully in the next week or two I’ll be ready to share a bit more about those. For now I managed to keep a solid momentum of 3 videos a day.


I don’t have a lot to say here, most of the announcements were for things that won’t be developer facing. I am a bit amused that Apple is essentially implying that AI image generators are good for turning out custom clip art.

Platforms State of the Union

The platforms sate of the union is hard to talk about in a whole different way as it’s so dense with things to think about. The new code completion is promising, Swift 6 concurrency is both promising and looms large as pretty much every project out there has work to do to pass muster there. Swift Testing looks promising, and the new presentation animations in SwiftUI look nice. I’m sure I missed a bunch of things, but will talk about them in the right session videos.


Week 6 Progress

Progress report: 177 of 177 videos watched and summarized. So that means I've managed to watch all of the session videos and now have a passable index of ideas introduced at WWDC this year. So now that I've finished the ”watch all the things” task I set out for myself, I need to figure out what to do with all of the information, aside from the obvious part of using it in my day job, and also see if now that I've managed to get some momentum going if I can stick to the blogging thing again.


Week 5 Progress

Progress report: 147 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 83.0%. I averaged of 3 videos a day, so a significant slowdown but not surprising it's getting outside of the areas of interest for me. In particular things like enterprise device management are going in the "not useful now, but may be useful later" column.