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WWDC23 Week 6 - Finale

- July 16, 2023

Week 6 Progress

Progress report: 177 of 177 videos watched and summarized. So that means I’ve managed to watch all of the session videos and now have a passable index of ideas introduced at WWDC this year. So now that I’ve finished the ”watch all the things” task I set out for myself, I need to figure out what to do with all of the information, aside from the obvious part of using it in my day job, and also see if now that I’ve managed to get some momentum going if I can stick to the blogging thing again.

WWDC23 Week 5

- July 9, 2023

Week 5 Progress

Progress report: 147 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 83.0%. I averaged of 3 videos a day, so a significant slowdown but not surprising it’s getting outside of the areas of interest for me. In particular things like enterprise device management are going in the “not useful now, but may be useful later” column.

WWDC23 Week 4

- July 2, 2023

Week 4 Progress

Progress report: 126 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 71.0%. I managed to keep a slightly higher average of 4.14 videos compared to last week. More of the features in sessions are starting to fall into the “things to keep an eye on for future projects” bucket than things I’ll use day to day, but it’s good to have a mental index of what’s out there.

WWDC23 Week 3

- June 25, 2023

Week 3 Progress

Progress report: 97 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 54.80%. Another slight slowdown since last week, but not a huge one since I averaged 3.85 videos per day this week compared to last week. And I still have a couple sessions that had really interesting tidbits that I hadn’t heard anywhere else this week, in particular there’s a lot of potential in the support for app level network relays.

WWDC23 Week 2

- June 18, 2023

Week 2 Progress

Progress report: 70 of 177 videos watched and summarized, or 39.55%. So less progress than last week, but I still averaged 4 videos a day which is respectable progress with about a month left. I’m guessing that I’ll keep slowing down as the videos get more and more off topic from my core interests.

WWDC23 Week 1

- June 11, 2023

Week 1 Progress

Progress report: 42 of 177 videos watched and summarized, 23.74% of videos viewed. Not a bad dent for the first week. I took in a lot of really fascinating sessions, and am really excited about the new tooling, and how much of it has been focused on developer ergonomics.

I’m going back to a normal schedule next week, which means watching fewer videos per day, so I’ll probably be posting weekly from now on.

WWDC23 Day Five

- June 9, 2023

Quick Summary

Progress report: 31 of 177 videos watched and summarized, 17.51% of videos viewed.

I’m finished the last video in “Essentials” category, so starting tomorrow I get to start working on the “Swift” category.

WWDC23 Day Four

- June 8, 2023

Quick Summary

Progress report: 21 of 177 videos watched and summarized, 11.86% of videos viewed.

I’m closing in on finishing everything in the “Essentials” category, so in a day or two I’ll start focusing on whatever areas of tech catch my eye. And probably rotating between sessions I’m very interested in, and sessions that will be great to follow along with while painting or doing other hobby related things.

WWDC23 Day Three

- June 7, 2023

Keeping up momentum

I had another good day in terms of taking in content, all of the “What’s new” sessions had a lot of things I’m looking forward to digging in to in more detail, and I’m impressed with how complete most of the new things that are coming out this year feel. I’m really enjoying having taken the week off to focus on diving in to the new content, and am having a ton of fun playing with my viewing tracking app.

WWDC23 Days One & Two

- June 6, 2023


It’s nice to see the Mac Studio getting a yearly upgrade, and the new 15" MacBook air looks like a really nice computer for the vast majority of users. On the other side, the Mac Pro is now targeted at an even smaller audience than ever. Lots of user facing features that I’m looking forward to on all of the OSs. The most interesting part of the keynote was Apple Vision Pro. I don’t know what the killer app, if anything, will be for the platform, but the hardware sounds impressive and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to try it out eventually.