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WWDC24 Week 6

I managed to wrap up the videos early so I don't need to think about this project during my vacation, which will be nice. Overall I feel like there were fewer sessions that were totally outside of my area of interest this year. Part of it may be because I've now done enough work with ML that the sessions there weren't completely inscrutable.

Now that I've done all the video watching, my next plan on deck is to get my WWDC session progress app into a state I'm happy with and can use so that it's ready to got for next year.



WWDC24 Week 5

I just checked, and I have exactly 21 videos left, so if I stick to three videos a day I'll finish up next Friday. As I have some vacation planned at the tail end of the week, I won't be doing 3 videos a day, but I'll see how ambitious I am and I either will double up on videos a few days, or take another week to finish this out.


I'm just a bit pas halfway through all of the videos, and still finding some really interesting stuff as I go through everything. I think the session I'd recommend to most people so far is now “Add personality to your app through UX writing”, as it does a good job of talking about how to get into the right mindset to write in a preferred tone for an app or other project.



WWDC24 Week 3

I'm a day early this week, I doubled up on session videos today as my evening tomorrow is booked. I'm starting to hit the point where I'm watching session videos that are outside of the tools and technologies that I usually use, but am still picking up useful things in the videos.



WWDC24 Week 2

Another week, another bit of progress going through WWDC content, I'm managing to keep up my 3 sessions a day momentum. I also managed to get my re-designed version of the site in good enough shape that I'm happy with how it looks.