Atelier Clockwork

Sticking the Landing

The Worst Time to Start a Great Thing

I already joked about it on Twitter, but the one black mark for my first week at Raizlabs has been the commute, more specifically, the MBTA is having spectacular problems dealing with the snow so the commuter rail is only running half the trains it normally does at best. If they're running, they're running late, take longer than normal, and are crowded. It's not ideal, but at least it's temporary.

Now the Good Bits

In the two workdays I've had so far, I've almost got my computer setup how I like it, got signed up for all of the services to be able to access the developer tools, had a first meeting with my mentor who will be helping me get settled in, and written two small bits of code that has been merged into current projects.

All of that has been great, but the less quantifiable bits are even more exciting. Working in an office where the team is excited about the projects is intangible, but important. Having other iOS developers to work with is already helping me get things done, and thinking about new tools and approaches to problems that I'm dealing with.

Next up is a hack day, which I'll be trying to see if I can make a clang-format style that implements the Raizlabs style guide. It's an interesting exercise because I enjoy having automatic code formatting when possible, and it also is a great chance for me to learn the house style for Raizlabs.